Your ITP Healthcare Team

By Natalie Vavricka

Find out who's who on your healthcare team when it comes to treating ITP.

Primary care physician (PCP): Your PCP, or family doctor, is the person you see for annual checkups and general health problems. He may be the one who diagnoses you after asking questions and doing a physical exam.

Hematologist: A hematologist is a physician who specializes in treating conditions that involve the blood. If a diagnosis of ITP is suspected, your PCP will likely refer you to this doctor.

Nurse practitioner: This Advanced Practice Nurse can provide high-quality care and treatment to patients, diagnose and treat a variety of health problems and inform patients about lifestyle changes that can improve their health.

Physician assistant: Health professional licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision. They perform a comprehensive range of medical duties, from basic primary care to high-technology specialty procedures.

Dentist: A medical professional who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the teeth, gums and related mouth structures. Because bleeding gums are commonly experienced by individuals with ITP, extra care needs to be taken during routine dental work, brushing and flossing.

Dietitian: A nutritional expert who can offer advice on how to eat in ways that will help improve your overall health.

Social worker: A professional trained to help you meet condition-related challenges, including finding home healthcare, dealing with insurance or handling financial issues.

Psychologist: A mental-health specialist who can help you psychologically and emotionally cope with your condition.

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Published July 2011

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