New ITP Drugs That Foster Platelet Growth

The latest class of ITP drugs, called platelet growth factors or TPO receptor agonists, is changing the face of ITP care. The reason? It’s the first ITP treatment to actually stimulate the production of new platelets. Until now, strategies have focused on stalling the cells’ destruction, but by offsetting the loss, this approach may help keep platelet counts at normal or near normal levels.

Here are other  common ITP drugs include:

ITP drugs Given by How it works
First-line Treatments
Anti-D [also known as Rho(D) immune globulin intravenous or anti-D IGIV] IV infusion Treatment is a blood product consisting of antibodies to the RH factor on red blood cells. It temporarily boosts platelet counts by binding to red blood cells, which are removed through the spleen. Aims to keep the spleen busy removing these cells so that it doesn't remove as many antibody-coated platelets.
Corticosteroids Pill Steroids help raise platelet counts by suppressing
the immune system.
Immunoglobulins (IVIG, IgG, IGIV) IV infusion Treatment is a liquid concentrate of IgG antibodies normally present in adult human blood. Temporarily increases platelet counts. Usually lasts up to a month.
Second-line Treatments
B-cell depletion (Anti-CD20) IV infusion Treatment consists of delivering monoclonal antibodies that reduce the body's B cells, a type of white blood cell that, when activated, multiplies and produces antibodies to platelets.
Chemotherapy IV infusion, tablet, injection Treatment (also used to treat cancer) that slows cell growth and suppresses the immune system. May be used with other treatments.
Immunosuppressants Various methods Work to suppress the body's immune system and raise platelet counts.
Modified testosterone Pill Synthetic androgen (a male sex hormone) disrupts the production of estrogen.
Platelet growth factors Injection, pill A second-line treatment that stimulates your own bone marrow to produce more platelets.


Published July 2011

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