My ITP Has a Silver Lining!

For the tens of thousands of Americans living with ITP, there's a story of perseverance. And it often comes with an unexpected benefit, a silver lining that makes life (yes, even with ITP) more worthwhile. The proof? These uplifting anecdotes shared by everyday folks living with ITP.

  • The perks of positivity

    The perks of positivity

    Psychologists call it "reframing." Finding the positive—the "silver lining"—in a seemingly negative situation. What can you get by "looking on the bright side?" Research shows that optimists cope with life's trials and tribulations more effectively—plus they enjoy improved immunity, less stress and depression, and greater  resolve in challenging situations.

    Not a naturally resilient person? Take heart: You can cultivate these behaviors. Get inspired by these folks living with ITP.

  • Carol Leski

    Carol Leski
    "I've grown spiritually!"

    "My faith has broadened," says Atlanta resident Carol Leski. "You get into a life-threatening situation and you realize how much God is in control. And, also, that everything's going to be okay. I understand so much better now that every day is a gift. So I cherish even more all the little things, like the dogwoods being in bloom."

  • Jackie Fiamengo-Sunara

    Jackie Fiamengo-Sunara
    "I appreciate life more!"

    "My silver lining with ITP is that I now realize just how fragile life and health can be. I cherish every moment I can," says San Pedro, CA, resident Jackie Fiamengo-Sunara. "Stress is tossed out the window. Life is too short. Make the most of the time you have here on this grand home we call Earth. Live, love and laugh every moment."

  • Secret ingredients

    Dave Numme "I enjoy
    seeing my healthcare team!"

    "I've come to look forward to going to the hematologist's office because I get to see some of my friends," says Dave Numme, who lives in Claremont, NH. "Each time I go to an appointment, I try to bring a smile and cheer. No matter how I am feeling, if I can find the strength to reach outside of myself, the rewards I get are very worthwhile. Consequently, I have become friends with some of the receptionists. And there's also a phlebotomist I've become friends with. I jokingly call her my 'blood sucker.' "

  • Greta Burroughs

    Greta Burroughs
    "I became a writer!"

    "ITP changed many facets of my life, but I have no regrets," says Greta Burroughs, a children's book author in Green Sea, SC. "It gave me the opportunity to become a writer; first as a reporter for a local newspaper, then as an author. Writing has become very important to me. I was able to put into words the effect ITP has had on my life in my book, Heartaches and Miracles. I've also been able to fulfill my dream of writing novels, and I published the children's book that languished in a drawer for many years."

  • Genevieve Kilianek

    Genevieve Kilianek
    "I've made new friends!"

    "If it weren't for my ITP diagnosis, I wouldn't have met so many incredible people whom I'm honored to call lifelong friends," says Genevieve Kilianek, who lives in Yorkville, IL. "Talking to others who know what it's like facing ITP has been one of my lifelines. I'm now connected to people across the country who have such strength and courage, and who lift me up when I'm feeling discouraged. They have taught me perseverance, strength, faith, patience and how to become a patient advocate. I can't imagine my life without them!"

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Published October 2013

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