Living well with ITP

Living well with ITP. Expert tips and advice on exercise safety, injury prevention, emergency preparation and more.

Living well
• You can feel your best!
• “Life is great!”
• “We stood up to ITP!”
• How to get that energy back!
• "I have ITP—it doesn't have me!"

• Have ITP? Bruise-proof your home
• handle ITP bleeding episodes
  with confidence

• 10 ways to reduce the risk
  of infection

• Safely tackle everyday tasks
• Exercise safety tips for ITP
• 8 tips to keep your head safe
• Your guide to stress reduction
• Be prepared for an emergency
• 10 essential travel tips
• Help your teen live with ITP
• Take these steps to raise safe,
  happy children

• Ask the expert: ITP and sports
• Getting support, making ITP

Committing to a healthy lifestyle goes a long way when it comes to managing a condition like ITP. Fortunately, you can do many things to help keep yourself safe, while still living as "normal" a life as possible.

Having ITP doesn’t have to mean giving up exercise, stopping your favorite activities or constantly worrying about injuries. Browse expert advice and get tips on preventing head injuries, restarting a workout routine and managing frustration and chronic stress so that you can be the healthiest you possible.


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