Have ITP? Bruise-proof your home

Clutter, sharp-edged or large furniture, slippery floors? These seemingly harmless household obstacles can be extremely dangerous when living with ITP. Here, some stay-safe fixes to try in your home.

The problem:
Clutter, clutter everywhere!
The fix
: Do a “search and destroy” on home hazards. Eliminate stacks of magazines and books (recycle, or leave your magazines in a gym, laundromat or company cafeteria). Put toys in a toy box. Secure electrical cords. Store paraphernalia like scrapbooking items and dumbbells in an out-of-the-way place.

The problem:
Furniture with sharp edges
The fix
: No need to toss Aunt Emma’s armoire or the console you lovingly restored! Simply thin out a furniture-heavy room by discarding worn or useless pieces and moving the “bump magnets” you absolutely love out of high-traffic areas. You’ll likely find that you love your new room more than before!

The problem:
Slippery floors
The fix:
 Toss area rugs or secure them with double-face tape or antislip rug mats. Repair loose floorboards and carpeting. Wipe up spills promptly and use nonskid floor wax.

The problem:
Tippable TVs and furniture
The fix
Check hardware stores and online sources for straps, latches and fixtures designed to secure heavy items like bookshelves and dressers to walls. Anchor TVs and other electronic equipment with safety straps. Set heavy items on sturdy furniture or in cabinets specially made to hold them.

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Have ITP? Bruise-proof your home
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