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ITP basics
• What is ITP?
• ITP causes & risk factors
• ITP symptoms
• ITP diagnosis
• Meet your ITP healthcare team
• ITP: Questions to ask your doctor

ITP features
• Take control of ITP and
  live the life you love!

• ITP: Q&A
• Understanding ITP
• ITP symptoms and early detection
• Platelet counts: know your numbers
• Be prepared for an emergency
  with ITP


Having a blood disease like ITP means you probably look perfectly fine to the outside world. Meanwhile, you may find yourself privately obsessing over your platelet count level or feeling anxious about how to avoid a bleeding injury.

Take heart—you are not alone! People just like you can enjoy life with more freedom and fewer limits, despite ITP. How? Partner with your hematologist to find a treatment with lasting results.

Don’t give up—even if you’ve been frustrated in the past by medications (or maybe surgery) that initially boosted your platelet count, only to fall again later. Keep working with your doctor until you get the results that let you enjoy a more worry-free life.

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