ITP: Questions to ask today

When you have ITP, getting the best possible care means talking openly to your doctor about it. Get the conversation started with these questions:

1. Could my symptoms mean I have ITP? If so, could it be chronic ITP?
How do you know?

2. What kind of testing do I need? How often will I need it?

3. What is a safe platelet level for me?

4. At what platelet level will I need treatment?

5. What treatment do you recommend, and why?

6. If that treatment doesn’t work, are there any other therapies that you’d recommend?

7. Are there activities or medications that I should avoid?

8. Are there lifestyle strategies that can help keep my symptoms at bay?

9. What symptoms should I report to you and when?

10. What symptoms should make me seek emergency care?

ITP basics
What is ITP?
ITP causes & risk factors
ITP symptoms
ITP diagnosis
Meet your ITP healthcare team
ITP: Questions to ask your doctor


ITP features
Take control of ITP and live the life you love!
Understanding ITP
ITP symptoms and early detection
Platelet counts: know your numbers
Be prepared for an emergency with ITP


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