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ITP’s low platelet levels can be serious. Luckily, working with your doctor and taking advantage of today’s therapies can help you live every day to the max!
ITP doesn’t stop Aandrea Hays from living each day to the fullest! Here are the tips that keep her thriving—ask your healthcare provider if they can help you, too!
Whatever your goals for the future—raising a family, thriving at work, traveling with loved ones—you can achieve them despite immune thrombocytopenia (ITP).

"We stood up to ITP!"

Living a full, active life when you have ITP can seem difficult, but Diana and John are here to assure you it’s absolutely doable.

Meet your ITP healthcare team

There’s no reason to struggle with ITP alone! These are the medical professionals who can help you manage the condition.

Plot your platelet count

To help your healthcare provider get a better idea of your ITP symptoms fill out this worksheet and take it to your next appointment.  

ITP Resources

Are you looking for more information on ITP? Get the answers you want and the support you need.